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1. Domestic Appliances are your brand?

If the racks, bells, ovens, coffee makers, sinks, Single lever are made solely and exclusively under license and supervision of TEKHNO-HOME INC.

2. How are manufacturers of integrated kitchens ?

If we are manufacturers, we design, manufacture and install integrated kitchens,

3. Where are your products?

We assemble our products in USA, MEXICO and realize global procurement of consumables for our extensive product line.

4. Are service installation of its products?

In the case of integrated kitchens we have qualified and certified for assembly and installation of any of our products, simply ask your account previously advisor sales.

5. I can quote my entire kitchen?

TEKHNO-HOME is the only listed company in MEXICO entire set of furniture and fixtures Domestic its own brand giving a comprehensive service and fast solution to their need satisfaction.

6. How long does it take to manufacture my kitchen?

Everything depends on the materials, availability and set size usually can not delay over 8 to 10 weeks making the kitchen of your dreams.

7. Do they own kitchens on?

The TEKHNO-LODGE with which we in our factories allows us to create the most demanding the designs being put into programming our order list.

8. If I buy some of their products have warranty, how long?

All our products are guaranteed until it has fulfilled to the letter the recommendations and conditions of the warranty policy and have followed all the steps of use in the owner’s manual. The warranty is valid 12 months after receiving your product.

9. Do you have service?

We have service center in Mexico to validate any warranty.

10. How long do I validate my warranty?

If your product has a replaceable part damage and service determines that failure is making your change will be subject to availability of part-time and trained personnel to assembly.

11. Where I can buy a TEKHNO-HOME product?

You can buy online or in a store franchise in your area.

12. If I buy online warranty I received my product?


13. If you shop online how long will I receive my product?

If you made your payment and your purchase confirmation number have to make sure your advisor Sales tale long does the shipping company to deliver to your home FEDEX, DHL, ESTAFETA Usually the same day of your payment we will send you your guide.

14. What applies if I receive a damaged product?

If you receive damaged products, we will ensure that you get a completely new, you only have to send the product to damage Although it is very unlikely to receive a damaged product be sure that TEKHNO-HOME and logistics team does everything necessary to make your experience pleasant purchase since we know how important it is for you to enjoy your product.